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Mary Jane Bass
M.A. Psych.
Lic# MFC 43639

Mary Jane Bass

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I was born in Texas, and then moved to New Mexico when I was nearly ten. My family roots are from those states as well as from Tennessee, where my Dad was from. My parents were both mules, and they had three mules, me being the oldest.

I graduated from the the University of New Mexico with a Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Education and a minor in English. I got married the day after I graduated and was married for 22 years. I have three wonderful children and five beautiful grandchildren, and their families are special to me, as are my friends.

For twenty-six years, I have taught elementary school children. At one point in my teaching career, I decided to become a therapist. I learned and adapted my method of therapy from the many theories I have found helpful. I enjoy being creative, seeing the metaphors relating to a person’s story. It is my belief that all members of the family can work to solve “the problem.”

As a cancer survivor and having been through a divorce, I have great understanding, a good sense of humor, and perhaps I can give you hope. I try to see the positive in a person’s life. I believe people have a lot of good in them, and, getting to know people’s stories, I know what parts of their lives need boosting and connecting to others, and … well, what re-writing needs to be done. We’ve all made mistakes and sometimes it may all seem lost, but what is important is that there is much, much to learn from our mistakes. That is why I do what I do. I believe I can help a person through the dead ends of their lives … their story. Together, we can make your journey through the new pages meaningful once again.

I have had a lot of continuing education classes addressing treatment of trauma, children, couples, adolescents, the elderly, the abused, and EMDR. Recently I also had training working with military families.

Thank you for listening to my story. I hope I get to hear yours.

Mary Jane Bass

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