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7 years ago · · 0 comments



In August, I spent four days tent camping with my family at Big Bear, something we have done for many years. It is a tradition we keep each August.  We find joy and peace seeing and being with each other.  There are anywhere from 14-20 people who go each year, and our friends are welcome to join us too. That is what makes it special.  Everyone feels welcome and wants to come again.

When something feels good, you want to do it again, you don’t dread doing it.  Anything that brings a person joy could be said to be something that is desirable.

I am convinced that people need joy in their life.  It can make them smile and laugh.  Sometimes a person has to make an effort to make the joy happen. For instance, I have to set aside the time for the camping trip.  I have to plan what to take and arrange for the care of my critters.  If it is truly something a person wants to do, they’ll find a way to make it happen and find the time for it, but you have to get on your horse and ride.

I used to not go on the camping trip.  I always had something to do that I felt was more important–that if I didn’t devote hours and hours to the other thing, that I would fail in doing that other thing.  One day I just decided that I needed more than just studying in my life, I needed some joy.  I started going camping, and the other thing I was working on finally happened too.

Who knows where your horse will take you?  Where was the first joyride your horse took you on?  Can you remember?  Can you forget?  Call it the joy horse.

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