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7 years ago · · 0 comments


EMDR, or Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing, is a technique I use that helps a person any age to process sensations and thoughts related to the traumas or difficulties that have caused him or her emotional stress.  The eye movements used in the therapy help separate the high level of emotion connected to the meaning of the experience and the memory of the specific trauma, very rapidly in some cases, that leads to resolution and new learning.  The client is in charge of changes and processing.

When a person experiences traumas, the brain keeps returning to the experience to make sense of it in the person’s belief and value system.  What is one person’s trauma is not another’s, and in EMDR, the client leads, with the therapist guiding and encouraging.  EMDR is not magical, does not quickly solve a client’s problems.  A client needs to have faith in themselves that they can handle the emotions that can be very powerful in EMDR.

Some clients intellectualize and distance themselves from the emotions and traumatic experiences, possibly because they have endured so much pain that they may be afraid that if they change, something bad might happen.  As Nietzsche once said, “We go into dark places, and the dark can seep into our hearts.”

But something good might happen, new possibilities.  The dysfunctional parts of the experience goes, and the useful parts remain.

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