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8 years ago · · 0 comments


When Emily Angeline is faced with too many things to do and doesn’t know where to begin, or even WANTS to begin, she might need to take a look at what is going on in her life and think about whether she is “taking care of business.”

Maybe she is overwhelmed with depression, or feeling there is no way of getting out of this mess where nothing is getting done, while maybe also thinking “no one cares.”

Taking care of business is taking care of the most important things that need doing.  When caught in a lion’s jaw, you have to ease yourself out.   Things won’t get done unless an effort is made.    It won’t get done by wishing.  By listing the top three most important things that are priorities to a person, an attempt can be made  to do them, and possibly with someone’s help, if help is needed.   Sometimes you just have to ask.

If Emily is crying a lot, maybe she should see a doctor, especially if there is a life-threatening situation.

Maybe the bills aren’t getting paid because of the fear there’s not enough money.  Getting someone  else to just sit nearby while the bills are being paid can be a source of comfort and also motivating.  Acting on a person’s own behalf is self-empowering.  It’s a beginning.  A person should pay what they can–the most important bills.  That is taking care of business.  You can only do what you can do, even if it is a little.  Get help where it is needed.  Seek out sources that can help.

Know that once a person becomes proactive in their own problems, things can move forward.   A person has to start somewhere.  It’s called “taking care of business.”

Be Bwave, Widdle Wabbit.

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